Meet Bon Kay

Bon Kay has been living in Central Pennsylvania for over 40 years now. She retired from the real estate industry after 34 years, after owning her own Buyer agency. She loved helping buyers and sellers save money on the largest investment of their lives.

Now in this new phase of live, Bon wants to invest in childhood joy and education. Writing accomplishes both of those things. The Mr. McTavish stories are based on her own experience with her Scottie dog, McTavish.

McTavish brought her and her whole family great joy and now she wants to bring that joy to young people everywhere. She hopes introducing this new character will inspire young children to read and to love more.

The Inspiration: McTavish

Bon says: “The inspiration was my late dog, who was a Scotty, named McTavish. I thought it was time for young children to have a new character to love, rather then a yellow sponge or a purple Dinosaur. So Mr. McTavish was born. He is a service dog for his owner Gma and goes everywhere with Her.”

Giving Back

Bon has a big heart for children and donating to www.donorschoose.org made her realize this. She received a manila envelope full of thank you letters from the children and she hopes to give back even more through her adventurous stories of Mr. McTavish.